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Ever since I started riding motorcycles in 2018 I’ve been wearing REV’IT gear. Over the past years my attire changed here and there as I’ve slowly moved into touring/adventure and offroad riding and the gear has never let me down. I love the fact that it’s a Dutch brand. The gear is keeping me warm, cools me down and maybe more importantly; protects me in all of my shenanigans and adventures. I ride in every type of weather and so I need great protection. Below you find the gear I currently ride with.

Jackets & mid layers

Lamina GTX Ladies – I’ve been involved with the development of the Lamina GTX suit, providing valuable feedback to the team from my experiences and desired fit for any jacket. Designed with laminated GORE-TEX in mind from day one, they decided to shift up a gear and get as much stretch and adjustability as possible in too.

Sand 4 H2O Ladies – The tough yet lightweight, abrasion-resistant outer shell is engineered to last a multitude of around-the-world trips and is designed to provide excellent freedom of movement for the most demanding and technical riding situations. Together with some warmer layers this has been my travel jacket on many occasions.

Horizon 3 H2O Ladies – A multi-season, laminated touring jacket with lots of ventilation for adventures in any weather. It comes with a detachable and separately wearable thermal liner, which I’ve worn quite a lot off the bike too, as it’s really comfy!

Solar 3 Ladies – Lightweight and insulated, synthetic down-injected and padded mid layer jacket, my favorite so far and what I wear the most off the bike too. Slightly warmer than the Core 2.

Core 2 Ladies – Entry-level insulating mid layer, made to wear underneath practically any REV’IT! outer shell that doesn’t come with a thermal liner.


Lamina GTX Ladies – If you’re serious about adventure travel riding, you know occasionally all four seasons will decide to hit on the same day. The Lamina GTX Ladies pants got me covered numerous times already. And no, it’s not a redesigned female version of a pair of men’s pants. It’s designed and developed in house by an experienced and skilled team of ladies.

Sand 4 H2O Ladies – A versatile, multi-season touring pants with detachable thermal/waterproof liners. I’ve worn these in combination with a mesh jacket many times.

Horizon 3 H2O Ladies – Before the Lamina suit, the Horizon was my go to for longer travels and bad weather conditions when I could only bring one pair of pants with me. They did an amazing job on my two month trip next to the Victoria 2 jeans and offered a solution for adventures in any weather.

Victoria 2 Ladies SF – Comfortable. Stretchy. Protects. Everything a woman needs on a motorcycle while looking stylish.

Best of both worlds

Having one outfit to tackle all the different weather conditions you will encounter on a trip, is possibly the best thing ever if you don’t want to bring multiple outfits with you. Simply add layers to the gear when it gets ice cold and take them all out and have endless ventilation options when things get smoking hot. On my December trip from The Netherlands to Barcelona I had exactly these changes in the weather. The Lamina GTX suit kept me warm and dry on two times 1500 kilometers in freezing temps and helped me keep my cool while riding on the Spanish trails in 20º Celsius.

Gloves and boots

Heated Gloves Liberty H2O Ladies – What an absolute gamechanger! I always had heated grips on my bikes, but ended up with frozen fingertips all the time as only the inner part is heated. With these gloves you can literally feel the warmth flowing throughout, leaving you with functional hands, which improves safer riding. The system features 4 different heating levels (from higher heat to lower heat) that can easily be suited to your own preference.

Gloves Hydra 2 H2O Ladies – A great midseason glove that fits all my needs for my adventure and urban rides in spring and autumn or on the colder summer days in the mountains. Wrapped in a sleek design and ready for all the weather elements.

Gloves Sand 4 Ladies – I’ve practically lived in these on my latest trips. They’re lightweight, comfortable and ventilated.

Gloves Massif – Whenever the terrain got technical, I changed my gloves for better feeling and the Clarino fabric on the palms gave me a better grip on the handlebars. Part of the DIRT series.

Boots Discovery GTX – While traveling I normally don’t take more than one pair of boots with me, so they need to be able to be useful on any terrain. I’ve found the Discovery GTX boots being exactly that. I can walk, climb and ride in them all day every day and they’ve taken me to many amazing places off the bike already!

A brand like REV’IT! doesn’t happen by accident. They’ve carefully cultivated the most energized and dedicated people across motorcycling, design, fashion, and R&D. Their team, now over 100 strong, is their greatest investment because no other company can replicate their people and their levels of understanding, determination, curiosity, and passion. The culture they've engineered and the ambition that burns in them attracts talent from all over the world. REV’IT! has always created solutions that rise to their challenges.