My three favorite activities are: riding my motorcycle, photographing and being outdoors. And preferably all at once. I share personal content on various social platforms. My visibility on social media led to several requests by businesses to create content for them as well. It was the start of my professional career as a photographer and storyteller. But if you told me at 18 I would be doing the things I do now, I wouldn’t have believed you, read my story.

Always excited to work on new projects, reach out to me with your ideas. Below you find some testimonials from some of my amazing past and present clients.

Talk soon,

Leonoor is a great person to work with. An honest and reliable person that comes up with great ideas. Beside some photography for our website, she also took the photo that’s on our truck and it’s definitely an eyecatcher. During this shoot she was covered in mud because of our drifting but it gave us great photos (sorry Leonoor!).

On our yearly ‘Adventure Challenge’ event she took photos of the contestants, which were very happy with the results, even though they had fell into deep puddles. If you’re looking for a photographer I can definitely recommend Leonoor.

Nikki van der Spek, MOTORCURSUSSEN

I’ve been working with Leonoor on various projects for about 2.5 years now and it’s always been a great success. She’s arranged photography for various accounts of our Motorcycle Marketing agency, from dealerships to gear and accesories. In addition to that, she also planned and set up a photoshoot for the agency’s photography, including model and location scouting as well as bike sourcing. The results were exactly what I was looking for!

In addition to her photography services, she has also put her storytelling skills to work on numerous occasions to help us out with writing social media captions for several clients. 

I appreciate her passion and creativity, as well as her punctuality and pro-active nature. I’m looking forward to many more collaborations in the future. 


Collaborating with Leonoor was a game-changer for our brand. The authentic voice has led to remarkable exposure of our products in the core target market. The professionalism and genuine enthusiasm of Leonoor make our ongoing partnership enjoyable! 

Arno Vervloed, PEAK DESIGN

Leonoor: not the usual motorcycle photographer.

With years of experience behind us, we can confidently say that there are few photographers and copywriters who deliver such excellent work. Leonoor effortlessly handles the supplied briefing about wishes and layout and delivers the content as requested, often with additional images and/or text.

Debriefings with feedback are positively received and quickly addressed. Due to her many motorcycle activities abroad, it can sometimes take a while, but always in consultation with the customer. In case of emergency, immediate action is taken, so that both parties are satisfied with the end result.

What distinguishes Leonoor from traditional motorcycle journalists is her focus on the atmosphere and experience of motorcycling, both in her texts and in her photography. No dry technical stories or boring figures, but breathtaking landscapes in which the essence of motorcycling comes to life. Her work immediately makes you long to be in that environment yourself.