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As a fairly new offroad rider at that time, I was looking into soft pannier options. Besides its beautiful and well thought out design I’ve heard nothing but good stories about the quality of the Mosko luggage setups. While at an event I was instantly hooked as I started drooling over the displayed gear. I caught myself thinking ‘I need this for my DesertX’ and the Woodland color fits perfectly on my sandy custom bike’. During quite some drops on the offroad adventures I worried about my own safety, but also of my gear. The Backcountry Panniers and Aux Pox took the most impact while tumbling over. They held up amazingly and instantly took all my doubts away if the bags – and more importantly my belongings – would be fine and I started to push harder.

Probably the most important part of my Mosko Moto kit is the luggage setup. With a variety of nifty and outdoor-like products I can go everywhere I want and take everything I need without worrying about the safety or waterproofness of my gear. A comforting thought for any motorcyclist that takes off for a short or longer period of time. Their slogan “Tough Gear, Hard Travel” definitely lives up to its expectations, as I’ve had my fair share of drops and moody weather to tackle on my trips.

Below you find all my luggage gear. Good to mention is that with pretty much every Mosko Moto luggage product there are molle attachments panels to use, most items have waist belts or backpack straps built in and just tons of other nifty hidden features such as fleece-lined pockets for fragile items, whistles for emergency situations etc. It’s worth checking out all the nitty gritty features via the product links.


Pico Tank Bag (V2.0) – And Pico it is, this small 1L waterproof tank bag is my go to for short daily rides and to stash my essentials like a wallet, keys, lip balm, snacks, coins, batteries and chargers. Fully waterproof.

Gnome Tank Bag – A slightly bigger 5L tank bag with a landscape mounting orientation, which I’ve used on a 2 month trip. It includes a 1.5L hydration reservoir, to quench your thirst while riding and endless possibilities to stuff away and organize your stuff that you want to keep close. Includes stashable rain-proof cover.

Nomax Tank Bag (V3.0) – A bigger 7L tank bag, which can even expand two extra liters when you need it. The Nomax is my newest addition as I realized I wanted more essential items in front of me, that I could grab quickly without getting off the bike. It comes with a 2L hydration reservoir and hides tons of pockets, loops and zippers. To top it off, the bag unclips from the bike quickly and transforms into a fully functional backpack for off-bike missions. Includes stashable rain-proof cover.

Wildcat 8L Backpack – I have always been skeptical about backpacks for longer trips, mainly because I was afraid that it would become very heavy overtime, but with the Wildcat series I haven’t had any complaints. Adjustable shoulder straps (5 positions!) and the overall ergonomics of the Wildcat evenly distributes the weight of the 3L hydration reservoir and all your belongings. Honestly, I’d say that 90% of the times I don’t even feel I have it on my back.


Backcountry Pannier Kit (V2.5) – The most prominent luggage item on my DX, this 100% waterproof pannier kit is the one product with which Mosko Moto started. It’s designed for transcontinental adventure touring, enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike. I absolutely love this set and I’ve put on an extra set of Aux Pox on both sides, which gives me an extra 20 liters (4x5ltr) of storage.

Backcountry 40L Duffle Pack (V2.5) – The moto-duffle that does it all: a duffle, a backpack and a quick-stash spot during the day. I mostly put some lighter belongings in here and in the dedicated tent pole pocket I stash, well, obviously my tent poles. It’s a great item that can’t be missed on my travels anymore.

Scout 30L duffle – A single-layer, welded-seam, roll-top drybag – but not your average drybag. This one also quickly converts to a comfortable backpack and even an over the shoulder duffle. A perfect size for a quick getaway or as an extra bag on top of your panniers or top box.

Aux Pox 5L – If I could I would stuff these everywhere on my bike. But I already kinda have that going with 4 Aux Pox on my Backcountry Panniers and two on my crashbars. Quick access to slippers, cables, locks, tools, water bottles, warmer gloves, etc. I’m a big fan!


Pinner Tool Roll – Small but of great importance. The pinner fits perfectly in the Aux Pox 5L and can be attached on the Molle panels. Stash your OEM tool kit in here next to any additions you might’ve acquired over time.

Moto Strap – Doesn’t really need an explanation, but these are great for literally EVERYTHING. Simple, compact, and insanely strong, Voile Straps® have become an indispensable part of my gear and I carry lots of them with me and fitted my Aux Pox on the crash bars with these.

Compact ADV Lock – Whether you’re using them to secure your helmet to the bike when you take a break from riding or to leave your bags behind while popping in a supermarket, these locks cinch down tight. It’s a very compact cable and I carry a set with me, in yet again, an Aux Pox. Oh and the best part, NO KEYS!

Backcountry Cinch Straps – The cinch straps is what I use to secure my Backcountry or Scout duffle on the back. No plastic parts that can break or stretch on longer trips and time after time they proved that they can handle endure handling. Although I’ve never had to use them this way, they can also double as a tow/rescue strap.

TOUGH GEAR, HARD TRAVEL. Adventure moto is brutally hard on gear. Rocky water crossings, rutted hill climbs, gnarly descents. Crashing, getting up, then crashing again. If all of that sounds familiar, we designed this gear for you.

Mosko was founded in 2013 when Pete & Andrew left their corporate jobs to make moto gear. Their partnership combines decades of design and manufacturing experience for some of the world’s leading outdoor brands, with first-hand experience riding dualsport bikes through some of the remotest corners of the globe.