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My camera and me

Photography has been present in different periods of my lifetime. Read more about that journey. I bought my first motorcycle in June 2018: the Ducati Monster 821. You could say that bike kickstarted my freelancing career as it is now as I started photographing for others more frequently. And with rediscovering photography, simultaneously I bought my first Peak Design product: a black Slide camera strap. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan of their quality products and have extended my gear bit by bit. I aim to deliver quality in everything I create and demand the same from the products I use. No exceptions for my camera gear and accessories. Who would’ve thought I’d be riding around on a motorcycle with a camera around my neck calling it a job one day? Not me!


Al though Peak Design is globally known as a photography brand, it may not surprise you that they’ve entered the world of everything mobile too. With that comes a sophisticated line of mobile x motorcycle products, which I’ve been using for the past two years now.

Motorcycle Bar Mount – Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about the whole phone-on-handlebar setups like many because of the ‘broken camera’ stories. Not with this setup. I’ve had the bar mount on there for a while, but couldn’t really make it work due to the shape of my handlebar. I eventually switched to a Ram Mount setup, as you can see in the picture. I’ve been using my phone on my motorcycle since 2021 with this mount and the Everyday Case and I can guarantee it is indeed a versatile, bomb-proof motorcycle phone mount that happens to be very sleek, durable, easily adjustable, and easy to use. Removing the phone with one hand (or even one finger!) is as easy as it sounds. Also available as a Stem Mount.

Mobile Tripod – Nowadays more creators use their phones, as they’ve become significantly better over the years, myself included. But trying to shoot some b-roll was a big no-go, until I found this piece of heaven. It is a precision-machined, buttery-smooth tripod of just a half-centimeter thick. Now it’s my selfie stick, YouTube video creator, videocall mate, recipe holder when I’m cooking and much more. I couldn’t live without it anymore. Just give your phone the tripod it deserves.

Wireless Charging Stand – ‘Part desktop sculpture, part charging phone stand’, I couldn’t agree more. Magnetically grabs your phone with a satisfying ‘pop’ and holds it in both portrait or landscape mode. A grippy silicone base and solid aluminum build allows for one-handed phone removal‚ the stand stays put, unlike with other magnetic chargers, and also folds the stand flat for easy transport. Elegant, functional, and beautiful, leave that to PD.

Mobile Wallet – Card-carrier and on-demand fully-adjustable kickstand. Holds up to seven cards, which can be accessed instantly via a magnetically sealed flap. I keep my business cards (way more than seven) in here during events. Available in different colors.

Everyday Case for iPhone – No bulk in my hands, such a relief! Unlike other cases that make it impossible to put the phone flat on an even surface and is mostly plastic fantastic. I wanted something without ‘a bump’, with a strong hold on my motorcycles and better looks: zero compromises. It uses a brilliant soft (magnetic) and hard (mechanical) lock system, called SlimLink. Connecting your phone to any of the Peak Design Mobile products is just as lightning fast as taking it off with one finger. Available in different colors and also available for Google Pixel,  Samsung Galaxy Series or try the Universal Adapter for other phone models.


I wouldn’t be able to work and travel like I do without the convenient bags, pouches and cubes Peak Design produces. These kept my gear organized, dry, dust free and, above all, safe on all of my travels and adventures on and off the bike.

Everyday Backpack 30L – Pretty much a basic necessity for any photographer: a solid camera backpack. I use mine for my gear, but effortlessly change the layout for my everyday stuff, where I just simply take out the 3 configurable FlexFold dividers.

Everyday Totepack 20L – Pretty much a basic necessity for anyone: a solid totepack. Groceries, small photo and video jobs or a weekend getaway. The tote packs all, even all at once. I love the extra-wide top access point that seals via magnetic clasp or weatherproof zip. Uses the same configurable FlexFold dividers as the Everyday Backpack.

Tech Pouch – I never knew I needed an item so badly until I used this pouch for the first time. I never leave on trips without it anymore and when at home it conquered a permanent place on my desk. Unrivaled organization and ease of access with the origami-style pockets that creates enormous spatial efficiency.

Field Pouch V2 – Some have a LV handbag, I got my PD. It’s 2 bags in 1: a minimalist carry-all sling bag and a compressible in-bag organizer. A thoughtful layout of stretch pockets and zip pockets keeps cords, cards, batteries and keys organized and with its extreme expansion (doubles in size) you could even stash a small camera body and lens in there.

Camera Cube V2 – I mainly use the medium size on all my motorcycle trips, but for bigger jobs I have the large one as backup. These cubes are ultra-protective, endlessly configurable and easily accessible. This piece of kit has solved many headaches for me about how to move around with expensive photography and video gear. Available in five sizes, so there’s always one that will fit your needs for creative gear ranging from small mirrorless kits to full pro video, photo, and drone setups. Each size comes with a range of different protective, low-profile FlexFold dividers.


Travel Tripod – My partner in crime, my sturdy helper. I carried a large, heavy Leofoto tripod on all my trips until I discovered this travel tripod, which packs away small and light. I will definitely NEVER go back to bulk again! It handled my heavy mirrorless setup perfectly and even in the stormiest of conditions I felt absolutely safe leaving it all alone while I rode by on my motorbike for some b-roll shots.

Anchor Links – Talking about safety, there’s no other Peak Design product I trust my life more with than these small anchor links. I kid you not, these can hold a ton of weight and are by far my most used photography accessory. You can use them with any kind of camera strap, but I only used them in combination with my final item in this list, simply because I’ve never had to use anything else ever again.

Slide Camera Strap – The original Peak Design flagship camera strap was my first PD item I bought in 2018 and until this day my black one is still as good looking as on day one. No wear, no defects, just beautiful, low-profile, adjustable, quick-connecting and configurable to your gear. I added a grey one to my collection, just so I could switch things up every now and then.

EVERYDAY STYLE, EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN. Peak Design makes tools for doing. Their carry solutions help creatives, commuters, and adventurers keep their gear accessible, organized, and protected. And their mission?

1. Make the best things 2. Succeed at the expense of nobody 3. Treat their customers as peers 4. Offset their environmental impact 5. Use their voice to inspire positive change 6. Prioritize happiness over growth