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A real amusement park for enthusiasts of all ages! After four years, Ducatisti and Ducati fans from all over the world could finally enjoy World Ducati Week again! “Though we have been apart, the passion has never faded! We await you!” Ducati writes on its website.

The biennial event could not take place in 2020, but the eleventh edition in the summer of ’22 seems to have more than made up for it. At the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, no fewer than 80,000 visitors from 84 countries came together to enjoy the grand three-day spectacle.

Enthusiasts worldwide have been looking forward to experiencing this mix of fun, motorcycles, riding experiences, parades, riders, and shows for four years. The forty degrees Celsius throughout the weekend didn’t deter anyone, and the 548 Ducati employees continued to smile despite the scorching heat. This most memorable edition to date will not be quickly forgotten.


The campaign leading up to the event on social media has been well and widely received under the banner “Let’s Ride As One,” in which riders showed how they were traveling to and riding at WDW2022. Afterwards, it became even more clear how significant and powerful Ducati’s channels themselves were: a whopping 6 million impressions! Besides their own numbers, many DucatistI have shared massively on their own channels.

I’ve made my way to the Ducati event on my own riding through the most beautiful passes in Switzerland on two wheels and with a short stop at the Como lake where I met up with the BeNeLux team. The ride towards Italy on its own was already an unforgettable journey, let alone being at this crazy event and see the madness (in the most positive way!) from up close.

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