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Every now and then I’m lending a hand at events for brands I am an ambassador for. I find joy in talking gear with likeminded people from all over the world, hearing stories about their incredible adventures and having a good laugh. This time I attended the Motominds event in Kortrijk for Mosko Moto. Together with a team of enthusiastic motorcyclists these events are always a success. Since I started freelancing on two wheels, I haven’t had that dreaded feeling anymore of going to an office and I’ve found fulfilment in blending my passion with my profession. Like I do at these type of events. I’m happy to help as it really adds so much to my own experiences and it’s a great and easy way to meet new people while my bike is on display.

Photos: Sophie Libion – SOCREATIVE.PROD

An outdoor brand for motorcyclists

When I started using my Mosko Moto Backcountry Pannier Kit in spring 2023, a whole new world opened up for me. Not only in terms of practicality but also how well designed these products are. I kept discovering new loops, zips and places to stash my big and small belongings. Over time I used more and more of these nifty functions and accessories. For example the ADV lock in my lockbar to keep my items safe while I take off for a small hike. I’d compare Mosko Moto to the high quality outdoor brands, but for motorcycles. The quality is top-notch and after quite a few tumbles offroad with the whole setup, I barely see any damage on the bags, which really took some harsh hits.

“The Backcountry Pannier Kit is our flagship product. Designed for transcontinental adventure touring, enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike. It’s tough-as-nails and built to take a beating, and we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee.” – Mosko Moto website

Exchanging experiences with other riders already using the gear or inspiring those new users and having some amazing talks with likeminded motorcyclists is what drives me to attend these events when I can. With having my bike on display it’s a very easy conversation starter, as it’s pretty recognizable and the talks go from traveling, to luggage setup, to how to edit content or just some wholesome life experiences.


You meet lots of people at events like this at most of them, I spot some people I know working in the industry. It can be pretty hectic, but it’s that good kind of hectic, where I sometimes catch myself laughing out loud about how we all do it. Long days, talking almost nonstop, eating lunch whenever you have a spare minute and getting inspired overall by everything. It doesn’t always go like this, but for like 75% it does. But I wouldn’t change a thing about it, as most of the motorcycle ADV events are just such a vibe. And the smiles you see appear on peoples faces when talking about things that make you both happy is just priceless.

Motominds had around 7500 visitors during its second edition. I’d say, not bad! I admire the devotion of working hard to pull off (new) events like this. Together with Sophie (BE), Andre (NL) and Silke (DE) we helped our visitors dive into the world of soft luggage, nifty tank bags, technical clothing and every other clever accessory Mosko offers. We must’ve talked a dozen times about the differences between the Backcountry and Rackless system, asking what type of rider people are to find out the best fit for their needs and explaining that Mosko Moto also makes riding gear, oh yes! Coming from different ages and backgrounds, the diversity in our team is what made it a great mix and clicking with people you just met is the cherry on the cake.


Sophie Libion, a very talented videographer, photographer and allround kickass rider that has shot some mindblowing videos for KTM starring Grégory Gordinne and Johnny Aubert and is an overall pretty badass woman if I may say so. Riding her KTM 890 Adventure R wherever it takes her and filming action shots that bring up all kinds of emotions, is what she loves. So she made it her job. Please do check out her work.

Prior to the event we had brief contact about meeting each other and that it’s so nice to meet another woman in this industry with these creative passions. Her eye for detail pops out, as you can see in the photos in this story. It’s great to see how others work and which results it generates, as I recognize a lot of angles I would’ve picked too. Who knows, we might end up shooting some incredible content together soon. We did agree that we should go ride some offroad tracks and camp, so stay tuned.

Photos below are from Sophie’s personal archive.

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