• FINALLY! Wireless charging


    As a longterm user of the Peak Design moto mounts this is an upgrade I've been waiting for and I know many others with me! Finally it is here: the wireless charging moto mount. Get yourself a steal with my special discount!

  • Motominds with Mosko Moto


    Every now and then I help out on events to support the brands I love. This time I attended Motominds in Kortrijk, Belgium for Mosko Moto. A fun weekend awaited me meeting lots of new faces while talking gear!

  • Working everywhere: Sicily with Outback Motortek


    Every now and then I have jobs for which I need to travel a bit further, as this time in Sicily. So I packed my gear and started riding down, to create fresh content for Outback Motortek's new alu panniers.

  • Working everywhere: UK with Peak Design


    Every now and then I have jobs for which I need to travel, this time in the UK. I could combine a short trip with work this time, helping fellow riders get to know the amazing Peak Design mobile and moto gear at the ABR Festival.

  • The DesertX makeover


    Before I bought my DesertX I already knew I wanted to give this bike my own signature just like I did with my Monster 821. Some elements came back and some ideas were completely changed during the process.

  • My first love


    Meet the motorcycle that kickstarted everything back in 2018: my matte black Ducati Monster 821. What I thought was just a new hobby, changed my whole direction in life. And I am forever grateful it did!