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Chasing Dreams, Not Paychecks

Honestly, is there a better feeling while working? I don’t have that dreaded feeling of going to the office anymore since I started freelancing on two wheels. I have found fulfilment in blending my passion with my profession. Riding endless kilometers to start a job isn’t a chore, it’s a thrill (well ok, maybe not for days in freezing temps..). And best of all, it leads me to places where stunning visuals await. I’m living life on my own terms, one kilometer at a time. I refuse to be bound by office walls and I can surely say I’ve found my calling on the open road. This time in the UK with Peak Design for their mobile / moto product range.

* Photos: Leonoor Fischer

let’s start at the beginning

I’ve been a long-time user of the Peak Design products and I put my full trust into these accessories for my photography gear. It all started years ago with the black Slide strap for my heavily used secondhand Nikon D300s. While I changed camera setups multiple times, the Slide was there to stay and I added the ash-colored one later on. Simply put, nothing can compete with its design, strength and ability to switch quickly to a strapless setup leaving only the anchor points on the body.

Fast forward to the present, I am now an ambassador for this beautiful brand and occasionally take on jobs at for example events, to talk gear to other riders and especially focus on the Motorcycle products. As was the case in June 2023, when Motorcycle Marketing asked me if I wanted to represent Peak Design at the ABR Festival. Of course that was a no brainer!


This pretty much says it all. Sophisticated items for everyday life with your mobile phone. Whether you’re on the motorcycle using the moto mount for navigation, having a conference call outside with the mobile tripod, keeping your business cards at hand at business events in the slim wallet or just stick it to any surface with the wall mount. If you can imagine it – it exists. The main goal on the event was to let people feel and see the easy allround system and focus on the motorcycle industry with the different kinds of mounts: bar mount, stem mount or simply with the ball mount adapter.

“A versatile, bomb-proof motorcycle phone mount that is beautiful, durable, adjustable, and delightfully easy to use” – Peak Design website

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about these motorcycle mounts as I’d heard nothing but the horror stories of phones vibrating while using the camera, or having a bulky setup on my handlebar, which I hate. But seeing this product at an event around two years ago and the fact that everything is built into this one piece of kit, combined with the great response from (long term) users I decided to go for it. It’s been over 1.5 years and my phone is alive and kicking and so am I while using the ball mount adapter on my handlebar in combination with Ram Mount accessories.

It uses a soft and hard locking system, which makes sure it cannot come off unless you use a single fingertip to release it. And no, NO twisting involved! That is without a doubt my favorite spec. This ultra-strong magnetic/mechanical mounting tech is called SlimLink and the phone cases are completely flat on the back at the mounting part, which peaked my interest together with the sensational built-in vibration dampener. You can find a lot more info on that on PD’s website, without getting too much into the techy stuff here.


In the 1.5 years I’ve been riding with the Peak Design moto mount, I covered a solid 35,000 kilometers and if that doesn’t convince you that your phone won’t bail out and have a broken camera I don’t know what will. In this period I’ve used the iPhone 13 pro (roughly one year) and now the 15 pro. And just like many other users I’ve been skeptical about using a phone on the motorcycle, but my own user experience has taken away all doubts that were there. There’s basically nothing more to say than to adventure on!

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