• Top 10 lakes: Dolomites


    Few things rival the thrill of a motorcycle ride through the mountains, especially if nature's colors come alive. Every view is a work of art and the mountain lakes are no exception. These are my top 10 in the Dolomites.

  • Top 10 passes: Swiss Alps


    A few months after I got my license in may 2018 I crossed the border into Switzerland for the very first time. That trip really ruined me for the rest of my riding days to come, but in the best possible way.

  • Top 10 passes: French Alps


    Discovering this country all over again on a motorcycle has been an absolute and unforgettable blast. After spending many hours here, the French Alps has surprised me the most with its diversity.

  • Top 10 passes: Dolomites


    If you ask a motorcyclist to name any mountain range in Europe, the majority will surely mention the Dolomites. And I can totally understand why it's a popular destination for many riders.